Osteria della Cipolla Rossa is not a restaurant; what is in very short.                                                                                    Every morning we look at what the market offers during the day. We don't buy anything but we publish on our website the dishes we'd like to cook to match our wines.
If you want to try to understand the essence of our land, maybe we can do something for you.

Osteria della Cipolla Rossa is a special place. Before booking, we invite you to read a brief explanation of what Osteria della Cipolla Rossa is: 

- based on the day's market, but without buying anything, we think of the dishes, to match our wines, that we would like to cook; 

- we therefore publish, on this website, the "Proposal of the day" with the relative price;

- the "Proposal of the day" is made up of wines, dishes (the "Taste of poverty") that we would like to cook and the cultural/scientific elements (history, traditions; geography, food products, cuisine, etc. of Tropea and its territory ) which form an integral part of it;

- to the "Proposal of the day", which may not be to your liking, there is no alternative and therefore only after having read it can the customer confirm any reservation (reservation is mandatory);

- the reservation (subject to availability) can only be made for the current month (starting from the first day of a given month it is possible to book for any day of the same month) but on the day of the lunch/dinner, after checking the "Proposal of the day " and the relative price, the customer must make the definitive confirmation of the reservation;

- taking charge of the booking confirmation, which must be sent by email and by 9.30 a.m. on the day of the lunch/dinner, we shop for the ingredients and cook them in such a way that they are ready for the agreed time;

- if the "Proposal of the day" is not confirmed by 9.30 am on the day of the lunch/dinner, the reservation is considered cancelled.

- there is also the "Carrellino del giorno": our selection of wines to be tasted also at the chalice;

- wine and water are the only drinks we offer; 

- it is not possible to cook anything other than the dishes of the "Proposal of the day"; 

- the CUISINE is VEGETARIAN, it is inspired by tradition and when it is season it has the red onion of Tropea as the protagonist ;

- we do not use refrigerators, freezers and technological equipment in general: everything is prepared in an artisanal way and must be disposed of within the day to have maximum freshness, authenticity and flavour;

- especially for the above, the dishes and wines offered are in limited quantities and varieties: roughly 2/4 varieties of food and 4/6 varieties of wines (the quantity depends on the timing and difficulty of the preparation); 

- the dishes and wines are, in general, different every day from those of the previous day; 

- there are 2 tables (with four seats each), we cook for very few people (max 6 at the same time) and booking is mandatory; 

- the ingredients are chosen on the basis of authenticity and respect for the environment; everything offered is handcrafted;

- Osteria della Cipolla Rossa is not a luxury place but something very simple that takes away form to give substance;

- Osteria della Cipolla Rossa has recently changed its location which is now almost on the beach where once there was a beautiful onion field, the room is outdoors and we are still in the process of modernization and renovation; 

- for obvious reasons, booking in person at the venue is preferred; 

- detailed information on the Eco-sustainability and Tradition page.